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Get Approved by Any CPA Network With These Tips

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CPA marketing has turned out to be a great way to go about marketing over the internet. In this article we will be discussing a few tips to help you get accepted in a CPA network. The best article submission and syndication network is called Unique Article Wizard Review and it will allow you to create thousands of backlinks to your sites in a short period of time.

First off, you need to reveal to the CPA networks that you’re trustworthy and that you’re proficient at what you do. When applying for a CPA network, don’t just wait around to hear from them. The following day, if you haven’t heard from them, give the affiliate manager a call and ask for the approval. You simply have to tell him or her that you just applied and you wanted to see how the approval process was coming. That will make a very good impression on the affiliate manager as he’ll see you as someone who is determined and ready to conduct business. This will not only make the manager more likely to approve your application, but you have the potential to form a terrific bond. When calling the affiliate manager, however, don’t pester them or inquire too much about whether you’re approved or not. Instead, just let the affiliate manager do all the talking and, with your answers, let him know that you’re a person to be trusted. Your application is best sent in on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays since the other two days in the week are practically weekend days. After a phone call, if you still haven’t heard whether or not you’ve been approved, you should send an email or instant message that asks about the status of your application. Don’t be scared to call the CPA network, as if you follow the steps you just read about, you’re almost sure to get approved. Simply believe in what you’re doing and have some answers prepared in advanced.

What if you don’t have a site made? You should either make one right now, or you should force the affiliate manager to believe that you’re able to garner loads of leads. The affiliate manager just wants to know you’ll do the job, so you can let him know you’ll be using email marketing instead of a website. However, you may find that the affiliate manager doesn’t really have an affinity for email marketers for whatever reason. Just ensure that you’re careful, but this method can be lucrative. You’ll have to let them know how you plan to use email and what would be your approach. You’ll have to convince the affiliate manager that you’ll be doing ethical marketing and not indulge in any kind spamming. This takes some effort on your part, but it’s the only way to go if you don’t own a site. Just let the manager know that a website isn’t needed because you’ll be using PPC advertising and you’ll be sending messages with links that lead directly to the offers themselves.

When you do submit your application, the affiliate manager will send you an email telling you he received it. It should be noted that sometimes there may be follow up questions in that email. Most networks don’t use email as confirmation, however, and instead they give you a call. Not taking that phone call from the affiliate manager is a huge mistake a lot of applicants make that causes them to get rejected, and they may have all the correct answers. If you don’t accept that call, you will surely be rejected as it shows the affiliate manager that you aren’t ready to make it in this business and he’ll take his business elsewhere.

But if you’re unable to take the call for some valid reason, call back as soon as possible and explain the situation to the affiliate manager and tell him/her that you are genuinely interested in partnering with their network.

If you simply cannot answer the phone, for whatever reason, the affiliate manager will likely understand if you call back as soon as you’re able so that you can explain what happened and ask for your application’s approval. If you use the tips you just learned about, there’s no CPA network that will be able to say no to you.

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