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Gas At Half Price

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You may have come across this company called the The FillerUpClub and asked yourself what is this all about? You probably want a legitimate reason to even consider joining the Club. Well, here is one reason, if you are the first of ten people to sign up in your state at $10 a month, you are guaranteed $500 throughout the upcoming year!

This site is created by Joseph Dutton who, according to the website, has 10 years experience working in the Title industry with a concentration on Oil and Gas leases. He also has over 15 years experience working in television, radio, and a wide variety of experience designing and developing websites on the internet. The fact that this company is open and transparent about who is behind it is a good sign.

The compensation plan is a 10×5 forced matrix (10 wide and 5 levels deep) with a cost of $10 per month with a 14 day free trial period. With this type of compensation plan, the claim is always that you will get tons of spillover from those above you.

One positive point about The FillerUpClub is that you can break even with just two personal referrals. People would be more likely to stick around if they can at least break even.

The Club just needs your receipts at the end of the month and you will get your rebates in the mail. The Filler Up Club requires you become a member if you want those rebate checks for $10 a month. A small price to pay to save a bunch of money.

The Club also has a business opportunity attached to it as well. When you join The Filler Up Club at $10 a month and refer others you get a commission. The first 10 people you introduce to The Filler Up Club you get $5 per person per month! After that, The Filler Up Club pays you $1 per person five levels deep. When your downline is completely full, The Filler Up Club can pay you over $100,000 a month, not bad at all!

I will tell you this, since I joined the Club I have signed up multiple people, and they have done the same. No other company is doing what The Filler Up Club is doing, and everyone needs fuel for their car. The market is huge (right now this is only for the United States and Canada) for this opportunity. There are 868 million gallons of gasoline sold each day, do you see the potential in this opportunity The Filler Up Club has presented?

The Filler Up Club costs you $2.50 a week, that is it! That $2.50 a week allows you to save hundreds if not thousands of dollars, and gives you the chance to earn money as well. Everyone you inform of this will be all over it.

So start by visiting my site to learn more, there is plenty of info there for you to look at.

For more information please visit the FillerUpClub site, then visit Jeffrey Eastman’s site for other ClickBank Products for your needs.. This article, Gas At Half Price is available for free reprint.

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