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FB x-Tab? How To Unleash the Potential of Your Facebook Fanpage Using FB x-Tab.

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Are you ready to be a News Feed Optimizer? Of course, having a Facebook Fan Page is just the first step. With the incredible pace that Facebook is developing and shaping the online Internet Marketing scene, it’s a foregone conclusion that this is where lucrative business dealings are being made and this is where you can take your business to the very next level.

So how do you unleash the potential of your Facebook Fan Page?

* Be personal. Don’t just be an unknown face with an unknown voice. Prop up a video of yourself on your Facebook Fan Page. Introduce yourself to your fansumers. Give a recognizable mascot to your brand.

* Give away free content. Reports, images, videos, be creative! People love free things. With these free things, make sure that you have an opt in form so that you can build a list of your fansumers!

* Update, update, update! Constantly show that you care about the Page and your fansumers by constantly adding new content to your Page, whether it be new videos, new pictures, new promotions or new stuff to read. If you don’t update your Page, you are sure to lose people’s interest!

* Give careful thought to your Facebook Fan Page’s appearance! Despite the initial limitations that Facebook has placed on your Page, there are tools out there that allow you to break through this wall! Use them to your benefit and extravagance! Remember, you want people to notice your Page right away! Stand out from the crowd!

What’s a tool, then, that can allow you to * Add videos easily? * Add pictures easily? * Provide eye-catching Page templates? * Build lists? * Create a Page with minimal coding (even your 5 year old child can use)?

FB X-Tab is the perfect tool for creating and designing engaging and fun Facebook Fan Pages. There has never been an easier way to create, handle and manage your Facebook Fan Pages!

Are you ready to be part of the News Feed Optimization revolution?

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