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Effective Ways to Boost Your Adwords Quality Score

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You can take advantage of Google AdWords to turn your visitors into leads, subscribers and clients as well as to drive significant amounts of targeted traffic to your website. In this article, we will analyze a few methods you can employ to boost the your AdWords Quality Score which will ensure that you get the best possible ROI.Traffic Player

Check Your Keywords: Many Adwords users tend to put in keywords that are relevant, but also so broad that they don’t provide good results. This is why it’s important to filter out all those keyword phrases that are responsible for generating high number of impressions, but have a low click through rate. While this is more likely to happen with broader keywords, this isn’t always the case. It’s best to filter out any keywords that you see are producing a large number of impressions despite an unimpressive CTR. Adwords requires you to be very watchful about which keywords you’re spending money on and what they’re giving you in return.

Keep Your Eye on the Landing Page: The landing page is a critical element that can lead to the success of a Google AdWords campaign. Your landing page will dictate the level of your conversions and can help you save money with your campaign. How can this be done? When you have a high quality score, your bids go down, which means you end up paying less. It is essential for your landing page and your ads to contain associated content. You want a substantial landing page that includes every element that could be original and substantial. An “About Us” page that is connected to your landing page will improve relevancy as well as quality. The “Privacy Policy” is considered to be a great thing by Google which is why you need a link on your landing page.

Perform Split Tests On All Your Ads: All successful Adwords users know the value of split testing, whether you need to raise your Quality Score or not. In other words, there is always room for improvement even if you see that Google gives a thumbs up to your Quality Score. By comparing how different ads perform, you can monitor which ones give you the best click throughs. There’s no better way to boost your Quality Score, as well as your profits, than by doing everything you can to improve the quality of your ads. Set up multiple ads and find out which ones are performing; eliminate the ones that aren’t giving good results.IM Mentors Bonus

And that’s that! Some easy to implement advice that can be useful in boosting your AdWords Quality Score quite quickly.

Cash Renegade. Also published at Effective Ways to Boost Your Adwords Quality Score.

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