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Earning Higher Profits with Your eBook

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Making an eBook and then selling it online is probably the Internet’s most profitable business model. If, however, you want to truly earn as much as you can from your eBook there are some very important steps that you have to take. If you would like to learn how to get as much as possible from your eBook you should keep reading.

Make Money with the Resell Rights: So many IMers make the money they do because they’ve sold the resell rights to their books. This works no matter what niche your book is in–something that can’t be said for all of the sales methods you’ve already tried. When you sell the resell rights to your eBook you are allowing people to sell your work and keep all of the profit; you don’t make money on their sales but do earn money when people buy things based on affiliate links you put into the eBook. So, beyond your primary income you can also get extra money through affiliate sales–isn’t that great? It is still important, however, to make your eBook as good as it can be so that the people who buy the resell rights won’t complain about the quality.

Sell Master Resell Rights to Your eBook: Now, you don’t really have to confuse Master Resell Rights and Resell Rights; the only difference is when you sell the master resell rights to your eBook, you’re not only allowing others to sell your eBook but also the resell rights along with it. This is a money maker because master resell rights are expensive! However, finding true success with this strategy is when you have a strong backend strategy in place, such as having affiliate links in the eBook. Because you will most likely end up selling all sorts of copies of your book with this, you should make sure to take advantage of the viral aspect of it however you can.

Use Benefits to Get Sales: How can you take the benefits of your sales copy and use them to get more sales? It’s easy: turn some of the most important benefits into links that point to your order page. Do not wait for your sales prospect to get to the order button to actually buy your eBook. Just link your order page to the benefits listed in your sales letter. This will allow your prospective customers to want to buy your book even more because they’ve made a connection to your benefits. Of course, you shouldn’t go overboard with this because doing so could irritate sales prospects. The goal here is to subtly hint throughout your benefits so that they will want to click on the link and be taken to your order page.

Offer a Free Version: You know that people love free stuff so why not create a limited version of your eBook that you can offer without asking for money? You can use the free eBook to link to the primary sales portal for the full book. It is important that you make sure that the content you offer through your free eBook is stellar so that the recipients will want to pay for the full version. Don’t try to limit your free version’s distribution: you want people to want to give it to others. If your eBook is truly valuable, then it will spread around the Internet virally and get you free traffic.

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