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Dominate Your Niche with the Best Niche Marketing Strategies

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This Article is about Dominating Niches in the Search Engines. I will show You a combination of niche marketing strategies that will enable You to have multiple first page listings in the search engines for Your main niche keyword phrases, allowing You to completly dominate a niche and get almost all of the traffic that your niche keywords generate.

I will start with article marketing. It’s the grand-father of all affiliate niche marketing strategies and You still get very good results from submitting articles to the article directories . Some article directories still receive Top Rankings in the SERPs for low competition keywords. By using an article submission service You can generate a great number of one way backlinks to Your main site almost on autopilot. Write articles with Your keyword phrases in the title and try to get out as many unique articles as You can. It’s not a problem to submit the same article to hundreds of directories , but it is far more powerful to submit a unique version to only the best ranking since the search engines won’t list too many many sites with the same content .

Now that You have Your first niche related content ready You can turn it into a video . Almost any content can be presented in video format if You can write an article about the topic. YouTube and Co are among the most popular websites today and will rank high for niche keywords. Using SEO optimized Titles, Description and Tags enables You to put Your Video on the first page of the search engines, even for broader search terms. While the most obvious benefit of videos is the huge amount of traffic it can receive on the video sites themselves and great search engine placement they receive, You can also gain valuable backlinks from some video sites and other sites that will embedd Your video . I prefer submitting unique videos over doing mass submission of the same one and use search engine optimized titles and descriptions . This uniquness can help You to get more than one video listed in the Top Results.

The above methods together are enough to create multiple first page listings for some very good niche terms. By adding backlinks to Your main site that are keyword optimized You should also be able to get that site listed in the Top 10 already. But if You want to Dominate Your Niche You need to have more sites linking to Your sites to keep them on the First Page of the search results. If You fail to do so You will loose the Top Spots to newly submitted content that is optimized for Your niche keywords. Without a little extra backlinking in the eyes of the search engnie robot these sites will usually drop down the listings over a period of some weeks. But with Social Bookmarking You can easily generate a good number of High PR backlinks to main websbite and Your submitted content on the article directories and Video sharing sites. Social Bookmarking Sites will also set up a profile page for You that will present the sites You bookmarked, and if You are using niche keywords in Your bookmarks then this profile page can rank well for low competition keywords too. But the biggest advantage of Social Bookmarking is to get backlinks that are relevant for Your main site and content submissions. A steady growth of the number of links to a video or an article increases the likelyness of making it stick on the first page of the SERPs.

You should already be seeing some results from going this far but I will now teach You how You can further increase the rankings of Your content in the SERPS. Especially for broader niches You will have to get more quality backlinks to outperform Your competitors. So to make sure that it is Your Content that dominates a niche in google You should use RSS-Feeds to create a truck load of backlinks with little effort. RSS-Feeds are basically a text-based version of Your website’s content. Don’t worry. You will not have to create RSS-Feeds. The Video Sharing Sites and Article Directories You will find the feeds being created automatically for You.

Get the adress of a Feed that has Your content on it You can submit the Feed URL to RSS Directories. You will get the best results from RSS Aggregators. They will create a website for each submitted feed and display the feed content on it. This creates very good backlinks for Your sites.This way they are giving You valuable backlinks. RSS Aggregators with a high PR also allow to get another top 10 listing by having the newly created page with Your Feed on it getting listed on page one. Keep Your Feeds relevant by Pinging them every time new content shows up on the feed to strengthen their rankings.

By combining these affiliate marketing strategies You will achieve multiple top 10 rankings in Google for Your niche. If You get an article, a video, a social bookmark account and an RSS-Aggregator on the first page together with Your main site then You already dominate Your niche. Remember that 80% of the internet users will only see the first page of the results. If You dominate a niche in the SERPs You are able to have almost all traffic for that niche keyword coming to Your site

If You want to learn more about how to Dominate a Niche by using affiliate niche marketing strategies YOu can follow the authors Website on which he will show You Affiliate Niche Marketing Strategy that really works.

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