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Does Search Engine Optimization Really Work?

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Does search engine optimization work? This is a question every new comer in the SEO business asks themselves. In order to understand and answer this question to the fullest, the first thing you need to look at are the basic fundamentals of search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization is basically a process used by SEO marketers to gain better ranks for their pages in such a way that they will be listed at the top of list each time a searcher types in related keywords.

When your site is ranked at the top, you stand to win the trust of many searchers as they believe that the top listed websites are the most relevant. Search engine optimization is now recognized as the best marketing strategy compared to other marketing strategies that we were used to, it boosts investment returns while increasing traffic to your websites.

Generally being at the top of the list will get you customers naturally. With all this in mind let’s now focus on the facts that will get to optimize your page to gain major traffic.

The first thing you will have to understand before you can get up to coming up with a proper plan is the basics used by the search engines to rank your site. Google being the gold standard search engine is what will be our reference, Google assigns page ranks by the relevance the site has on the typed keyword and the popularity of the site around the web community.

One thing you simply can’t rule out when you talk of search engine optimisation is the importance of SEO articles. Start writing articles that are rich in keywords that are related to your industry, the keyword should be visible in the topic and through out the body of the article. You can submit the articles to sites like Ezinearticles.com; they are good in improving the web traffic to your site while teaching your customers about your product. You can write and post as many articles as you can.

While you can earn as much backlinks as you can, Google places weights on a site which is why you will have to seek quality backlinks instead of just backlinks. Quality backlinks are from sites that are highly recognized and with huge traffic. They are many ways you can earn backlinks, you can buy links, in this way; you sponsor certain organizations with links that you are targeting and let them acknowledge it on their websites, sponsoring doesn’t always has to be money, you can sponsor them through kind services.

Get yourself involved in SEO article writing. Make sure the articles do have keywords that are related to your industry, the keyword should at least be present on the topic and the body overall. You also need to make sure the whole body of the article is relevant to the keyword while also being interesting. Start getting involved in forums, post valuable points and use your link as your signature. Make sure your website is highly informative and relevant to the industry you are in.

Understand that you can’t get to the top overnight, so be patient and just follow the basic strategies, you will definitely get results in the long run. Don’t give in to SEO companies that will promise a quick fix because they end up using strategies that will get your site penalised or better still banned.

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