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Do This And Ban Click Fraud From Your Campaigns

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Finding success with PPC marketing isn’t really rocket science; if you know where and how you’re making your investment, you should see quality results coming your way. But what do you do when you have to face issues like click fraud that absolutely cripple your campaign? How do you solve the problem of bad clicks that your ad can generate? The following article will show you how.

The term click fraud is pretty self explanatory, which means to create bad clicks on a pay per click account. Businesses such as Google have always been aware of the issue and improvements have been made in this area. However,in order to really keep your account protected from click fraud, you will need to follow a few of the suggestions that are listed in this article.

For example, find out if there is anything that is done if someone clicks on or encourages others to create duplicate impressions. Also, find out if they allow their ads to be modified, changed or taken off of ads that are on the error pages.

A simple way to do this would be if for example your website is selling “health supplements” and the main website URL is www.besthealthsupplements.com, just add a forward slash and the word product to the end and save it and it will like this www.besthealthsupplements.com/product. You can also make a sub-domain such as product.besthealthsupplements.com. The cloned sales page will stay there and you can use them for your PPC campaign. Your cloned pages will just get traffic coming from your PPC campaign and will filter out the other types of traffic coming to your site. Make sure you’re not linking to this page from anywhere else since that would dilute the traffic. Pay attention to the visitors who come just from your PPC campaign.

Should you notice a higher click through rate but not an increase in sales, then click fraud could be happening. Sometimes this happens to be the biggest sign of click fraud, and taking immediate action against it will help you bring it down and eventually stop you from losing more money.

The reason is that you only want your ad to be displayed on concentrated quality sites. Having your ads shown on all sites that target your keyword phase is just asking for click fraud to occur. Taking such small steps can make a huge difference to the overall return that you get from your PPC investment.

Track Your Competitors: With increasing completion and more companies being on the internet, it is the norm to see click fraud happening between competition. There are companies that are bad enough to want to use fraudulent clicks against the competition. This is why you need to keep an eye on who is competing with your keywords in the search engines, as these other advertisers could be the potential source for click fraud. There are plenty of online tools that can detect click fraud and tell where it comes from and if it is from your competitors. There you have it. Simple to apply tips that will help you in more than one way in protecting your account against click fraud.

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