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Dispelling Myths of the Six Figure Mentors

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How to choose a Business Mentor

Information and knowledge about proven methods for building a business is key to growth and success. The role of the mentor is use creative communications to share recommendations and tools that are tested and consistently reliable. Mentors help the mentee build their reputation in an industry, assist in building partnerships and creating growth opportunities. There are several questions that guide the selection of a mentor.

How would you describe your leadership style?

A healthy relationship between the mentored entrepreneur and the experienced mentor allows for the free flow of ideas in both directions. Daniel Wagner and Stuart Ross share techniques and tips that have consistently brought business success through a community they founded called the Six Figure Mentors. Using the power of the Internet, the training is versatile and responsive, keeping the information interesting and relevant.

What level of success have your techniques provided?

Revenues of six figures and multiple years of Internet marketing experience make the founders and partners of the Six Figure Mentors a vault of information. Marketing strategies deployed in earning six figures in sales over 30 days are shared with community partners. The inventive and creative methods leverage the power of the Internet through multimedia rich trainings. Entrepreneurs like Bobby Freiler are changing their lives in months rather than years by sharing strategies used to achieve financial freedom.

Will the Six Figure Mentors work for me?

If your business is new and you are just starting out, or you have a level of success but want more, you can contribute to and learn from this unique community of business professionals.

When choosing your mentor, evaluate their success, look at how they share information, how frequently and how easily. Your mentors should understand your goals and ideas, and have information that adds value to reaching your milestones. A choice for the Six Figure Mentors is a choice for flexible, relevant and easy-to-follow strategies that can grow your business into a success.

The Six Figure Mentors is an innovative business and marketing model. Learn more about how you can benefit from proven techniques and successes .

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