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Daegan Smith – Internet Marketing Master of Never Calling a Single Prospect

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Daegan Smith is very knowledgeable when it comes to internet marketing. His knowledge is what makes Power Prospecting worth the membership fee. He’s a good teacher and if you follow exactly what he teaches you is going to do very well.

The Gold membership gives you access to Daegan’s ads that he has personally operate with his results. This is great since he has already done the testing.

There are plenty of great assets they’ve added to the back office of Energy Prospecting

Daegan Smith Scam takes care of building the connection through emails. Quite simply, you don’t have to worry about contacting your list every single day… Daegan does it for you.

- The ebook that you sell through the financed proposal sysytem has some really good information inside it. And it provides a answer for many problems that entrepreneurs face in the industry.

How about the con’s:

The ability Prospecting System is out-of-date. The software lacks lots of features and functions that people need in order to build a company.

Daegan makes it seem like you can build a business without getting on the phone yet they maintain live prospecting calls? Seems a little contradictory if you ask me. The truth is that you’ll always need to get about the phone to build any type of true residual income in network marketing.

Energy Prospecting is a financed proposal system. This is actually the idea that you can account your advertising and lead generation by promoting an ebook to other network marketers. Then you are suppose to build your real business on the back end. Although this sounds good theoretically, it really isn’t that great. You are really just an affiliate of Daegan Smith’s book. Yes, you can try to pitch your opportunity on the back end, but just think about it- everyone that you are obtaining as leads would like to do the same thing so what makes you think they will be interested in your opportunity? They will not. Thus, you are NOT creating residual income at all. The system falls apart.

- As mentioned in the last paragraph, Power Prospecting is really a glorified affiliate program. You are NOT building residual income. The only individuals building residual income are Daegan Smith and his companion Michael Anderson through the membership fees.

In conclusion, In my opinion the true value of Daegan Smith’s Power Prospecting System is based in the training. Daegan Smith does a superb job training people how to market their business on the internet. If you are interested in becoming an excellent internet-network marketer then I might subscribe just to get his training.

But, the actual system is lacking. In theory funded suggestion systems sound great. But, in reality they don’t work very well. You won’t be able to build true residual income using a financed proposal system. Yes, you will make a little money from selling an e-book and you will build a listing of networkers (which is excellent), but you will find it very difficult to grow your REAL network marketing business on the back end.

So what is the answer? You need the whole package. You need to be part of an opportunity that uses immediate response marketing concepts and plugs you into a proven system that actually helps you develop residual income.

Is Daegan Smith And Maximum Influence A Scam?

After my personal research, I have to answer that question with a resounding “NO”! As with any internet marketing “Guru”, you will see a ton of negative press. It’s no different with Daegan Smith. I’m not a member of his Inner Circle, however am investigating this for myself, so I believed I would provide you with a comprehensive and unbiased overview of my findings concerning Daegan Smith and Optimum Leverage to determine if it’s another internet scam or worth purchasing.

What Is Maximum Influence?

Daegan Smith’s business is Maximum Influence, an internet marketing instruction site for network marketers that he launched in October 2009. His membership has been growing, with very few drop-outs, which is a good sign.

He also shows a lot of video clip proof of his success, which indicates that he is being honest about his success. He’s been an online internet marketer for 6 years and has made enough money operating online to lately relocate to Maui from the Washington, DC area. I have to admit I’m jealous but being able to relocate in order to Maui is a good objective for the rest of us!

Optimum Leverage is all about instructing internet network marketers how to generate leads. Internet marketing is all about generating leads and there are many websites and systems which teach and assist network marketers to do this.

What makes Maximum Leverage Various?

My answer to this question is Deagan’s presentation style, which is very right down to earth and easy to follow, along with his transparency with his business. I have went to a few webinars which he’s put on for free and always walk away understanding something new. Daegan opens up his business and exhibits attendees exactly how he or she generates leads (and he generates a lot of them!). This makes following along as well as understanding how to implement a brand new strategy very easy. The value provided, especially for totally free, is ridiculous.

Who’s Daegan Smith?

Daegan Smith is an internet business genius. Daegan has established up to 2600 leads online in only one day without affiliate programs. Daily, he produces hundreds to thousands of new prospects. He has sponsored more than 3000 business partners to his MLM company. All without picking up the phone to speak with a prospect.

Let’s start with Daegan’s background. He began online around 5 years ago at the age of 24. Probably as if you, he had a job.. Taking a shower one day, Daegan noticed he had been going though the exact same routine for the last 6 months. Looking into the future, Daegan saw the same thing forever – time at a job which did not fulfill him or her with tiny boosts until he passed away. The thought creeped him away. He knew he needed to do something various.

Daegan began watching commercials on TV and chose to get into real estate and purchased an apartment building. At a real estate training he or she discovered affiliate marketing on the internet.

During his initial year, he experimented. He or she tried anything and everything to determine what would produce revenue. His belief proceeded to go up as he gained some small commission checks. But absolutely nothing major.

He finally began to work with a the mentor who described why people fall short They just don’t concentrate. At that point he had been introduced to network marketing. He or she decided to figure out how to be a network marketer as well as show others how to create their own business.

Daegan quickly figured out which to grow your business, you need a LOT of new prospects.

He searched around internet to see what people were doing to be successful. He modeled strategies that looked strong each online and offline. He made the decision you must have a few simple things.

1. A Lead Capture Page to find new prospects 2. An Auto Gvo autoresponder to contact and develop relationships with those leads 3. A high conversion Direct Respons Sales Letter

Those are the simple, external must haves for your business. But there are also some internal stuff you require:

Why does your company even exist? The biggest mistake people make is not defining a definite reason for their company. You need to be clearly centered on what drives a person. Don’t throw things at the wall to see what sticks!

Understanding who you are and your work will naturally pull towards you the right people to your business.

The next element is YOU! You absolutely have to be natural. As yourself, you are just right. Make it fun! Trust in who you are and be passionate about your journey and others will effortlessly be attracted to you.

Daegan also says you have to enjoy learning new things. Observe what others are doing. Hire the coach or a coach. Be prepared to be continual to acheive your objectives. Take action remain good and keep moving ahead.

Finally, don’t let fear stop you. In other words, be familiar with your fear, but take action and overcome it. You will be confident as you develop.

Daegan makes use of and indicates a Micro — Macro strategy. He starts out small and then weighing scales it up. Here is what he or she suggests:

* Get started somewhere, anywhere — don not worry if it is not perfect. * Learn what you need to start from studying. But your actual learning comes from repitition where you pick up an intuitive feel for what works well and what is not. – Get proficient and start generating traffic * Try out various issues (offers, fonts and colors) and document your results so you know what works. * If you have it perfected it’s time to go macro. Remove yourself out of the way by creating automatic systems and go build the following goal.

Read more about Daegan Smith how he teaches the art of building a Online MLM Business without having to chase friends, family and co-workers for leads.

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