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Dad at Comedy Barn

August 11, 2009 by  
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This is my father. Yes, that is his real laugh. Enjoy :)


25 Responses to “Dad at Comedy Barn”
  1. XowntXihqX says:

    lol what is HE laughing at

  2. Melinda7386 says:

    OMG I knew a woman who laughed JUST like that!!

  3. DistantJ says:

    Did anybody notice this laugh was in the Orange TV advert, then they took it out?

  4. notaree says:

    bleee prikolas :D :D kikenimo zmogelis kiseneje neiesko :D :D

  5. yamahanerd95 says:

    he is so fcking funny

  6. briangore1990 says:

    this isnt about comedy, its about a laugh

  7. Scribblez904 says:

    2:18 xD

  8. cottonwhiskersuk says:

    “Hnyoh hnyoh hnyoh hnyoh hnyoh hnyoh hnyoh”

  9. ratidv says:

    fuck, i cried :D D

  10. Breaker3051 says:

    Laughed so hard I cried xD

  11. idahobox says:

    isnt this in tennesse?

  12. glaedr1800 says:

    ye, i think this is more than funny dude

  13. 555Olive55 says:


  14. jonnyyoman says:

    You think this is funny? If you really want to laugh click on Jonny Yoman to hear really funny comedy.

  15. mileycyrusluva97 says:

    thats so funny
    omg i love the comedy barn
    we have been like twice

  16. DoNKiLLuMiNaTi23 says:

    best laugh i´ve ever seen ROFL

  17. Danni91uk says:

    That is sooo Funny :) lol

  18. madman9515 says:

    yo he was on skype laughter chain. dat was so funny

  19. CFRMTB says:

    Hick hick hick hick, love it!

  20. poopsicles50 says:

    omg i love his laugh!! soo funny!!

  21. HollyandArty says:

    ahhh hes sooo sweet and cute ^-^

  22. australian42princess says:

    he’s so cute(((: this is hilarious!

  23. gtaiv117 says:


  24. nessabeans says:

    lol omg me and all my friends and all my friends parnets pee there pants when ever they watch this :)

  25. IIIBigDIII says:

    Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody

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