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Creative Ways to Raise Your eBook Profits

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One of the most solid and proven business models for becoming a Secret Millionaire is selling eBooks; after all, there eBooks on just about every subject. People love eBooks for lots of reasons not the least of which is the ease of access and comprehension and since so many eBook readers allow users to get onto the Internet is it any wonder why so many people are choosing this method for gathering knowledge and information? The following article shows you how you can go beyond the traditional eBook marketing and actually leverage your eBook in different ways to get more cash flow …

Set up Paid Membership Based On Your eBook: Let’s be honest: membership sites are really popular these days–especially if they can actually offer really great content. Since your eBook already has content, why not leverage to create your own paid membership site based on it? It’s totally do-able to offer more information on what you’ve already included in your eBook or to more deeply explore a specific technique or aspect of your niche. You might even find that your eBook has become the base on which you create more content that your subscribers are hungering for. You can support the information you’ve included on your eBook with your paid membership by offering things like case studies, interviews, research reports, and other value enhanced content to help your subscribers better understand what you’re talking about in your book. You can let your members access the site for a monthly or a yearly fee, and if you go for the monthly model, you’ll end up making a lot of money because of the recurring sales. This also helps you increase the number of ways you earn money–you’ll have both your sales of your eBook and the membership fees you collect.

Have a Webinar: This is super simple to do since it is just, at heart, a seminar hosted online. When you use one of the many tools available for download online it is easy to host a webinar of your own even if you don’t have a lot of technical expertise. So how does a webinar help you sell more copies of your eBook? The webinars that you conduct will obviously be free, and people will get attracted to it because it offers such high value. You may also find that your viewers are more likely to share your offer with others who might be interested in it.

Sell Your Master Resell Rights: These are different than the Resell rights because when you sell the Master Resell rights you are also selling the right for the people who buy the book to sell their own resell rights to the material. This is a money maker because master resell rights are expensive! Of course if you really want to make money with this method you also need a really strong back end profit maker in place like putting affiliate links in the eBook. Because lots of people could end up selling your eBook when you use this method it is just good business sense to use the viral nature of the book to your advantage.

Join Your Ebook with Others. There are all sorts of eBooks that are for sale that will offer you total rights which you can then use to reprint the ebook and/or give it away. Reprint rights also allow you to combine that work with work of your own to allow you to create an entirely new and stronger book. Your target audience will be more enticed to buy your eBook when they see they’re getting better value for money. Over delivering on your work is always a fantastic idea because it proves that your potential buyers will be getting all sorts of value for what they are paying. You do, of course, need to make sure that you are only spending your money on the best eBooks possible and that are relevant to your chosen market.

There are many Internet marketers that have made hundreds of thousands of dollars selling nothing but eBooks, but the only way to make your own mark with your eBook is to think different and come up with new ideas to increase your profits.

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