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Commission Blueprint Review

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This product has become very fashionable in recent years as one of the top rated affiliate marketing courses on the Internet. But, some reviews have an inherent bias as they try to sell you on the product and others are simply lacking in details, so this Commission Blueprint review will delve a bit deeper into what makes Commission Blueprint a good choice for beginning marketers like yourself. The review excludes any mention (positive or otherwise) to “Commission Blueprint’s” competition.

The Good Points:

The Commission Blueprint is another Clickbank marketing guide.

Commission Blueprint is loaded with content – easy and formidable. It has a very clear-cut and easy-to-follow system, with actionable steps, that anyone can follow. The content presents information in a practical way, and is ideal for beginners to get started in IM. The first few weeks will cover the basics of market research, such as finding a profitable niche to work with, explanation of keywords and how to search for them, followed by a review of the methods for obtaining material for your new site . It’s a step by step video guide to getting started with Clickbank and if you have not yet started an affiliate campaign, the information and tips here are downright incredible.

The next thing our Commission Blueprint review looked at was the written guides, showing you how to create opt-ins, pre sale pages, and review pages. The opt-in guide is very useful, however, monthly membership of a company such as ‘Aweber’ will be a requirement. The advantage of this system is how undemanding it is to work with and before long provides you with the greatest return from the automatic list-building that this system creates. The best thing about these written guides (and the videos) is that theory and fluff are nowhere to be found. Every strategy has proof and examples of when and how it was used, all the while showing you how to do the same yourself.

Finally, there are the templates, which are amazingly well designed and help anyone get started with a pre-sell page in less than an hour. I think this course is a must for anyone looking to start a new career in IM, however, for the more experienced marketer – half the material may seem basic.

On balance, the platform is high quality, well written, no fluff, and clearly shows proven results. How can you beat that?

The Bad Stuff

As with all products in this vast world of Internet Marketing, there are a negative items that this review should mention, to ensure that when making your decision, you consider the full picture. The training offer in-depth training with PPC – this can be an expensive process, and hence, time and emphasis of understanding this is a necessity. There are so many other powerful traffic generation tools out there that don’t require PPC budgets and while I know the course would be less structured, I think it would have been good to at least touch on them. Another issue you may find is that the keyword research section focuses pretty heavily on spending cash to use subscription based tools. Those who don’t know about the free keyword research tools out there might be discouraged by a guide telling them to go spend more money right away.

The bottom line here, though, is that Commission Blueprint is one of the best Clickbank instruction products on the market. This Commission Blueprint review, along with almost any other guide you will read, is strongly in favour of this product – from the video presentations to the written guides and the templates. The product is very well constructed and thought-out, starting from scratch through to: designing and building a website, creating the site graphics, posting articles, and most importantly – the SEO.

If you require additional information on this subject, or would like to read other reviews by the same author, make sure you take a look at Jon Kews’ website For additional Information on the Above..Click Here, or For Alternative IM Methods. This article, Commission Blueprint Review is released under a creative commons attribution license.

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