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Capture Pages: Unique Or Direct Links?

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When it comes to Affiliate Marketing, one of the most important tings you learn right from the beginning is the importance of the web page a customer goes to gather more information about the product you are promoting. With landing web pages, you ave two options. You can use a direct link, also called an Affiliate link, that leads your potential customers to the parent company’s product capture page. You can also choose to create your own unique capture pages.

As a beginner, using the Affiliate links you are given by the merchants is beneficial, especially when you haven’t figured out the basics and you’re still learning. Once you’ve learned or fumbled your way through the various parts of Affiliate Marketing, your next focus should be on learning how to create your own capture page.

A capture page is different from a website or blog. There aren’t multiple pages. It is one page that talks about the product and provides an opportunity for purchase. The major difference between a merchant provided page and a unique one is that a unique capture page is your own creation.

When you work through the various promotion techniques of affiliate marketing, you learn that you have your own individual style and way to go about things. This is reflected in your tone or the voice you use for your content. It is important to keep this same tone throughout all of the content you write, from your articles to your capture page. It conveys consistency to your readers.

It is important to understand how bad using duplicate content is. When you read about avoiding duplicating content for search engine requirements, you should know that this means more than just reusing content of your own or someone else. This also applies to reusing content that may be provided by the merchants that you are signed with. It is common for merchants to provide their affiliates with content that can legally be reused to promote the product, but no one really considers how much this content is used by others. Capture pages fall into this category as well.

It is not uncommon to find templates and other tools to help you in the creation of your capture pages. If you choose a template to use, make sure the content you add is original. Templates should only help you with the placement of text, graphics, and other such parts.

There are definitely some benefits to using the merchant’s capture pages, but only temporarily. Unless you don’t intend on promoting the product for a long period of time, it makes sense to learn how to create your own unique capture pages. Since Affiliate marketing isn’t usually a temporary thing for people who are serious, start learning as soon as you can. The less time that you have to rely on a pre-made page means less time that you are using the same capture page as hundreds of other people.

There are professional designers who are skilled in the art of capturing leads with a unique capture page. Here is a professional service we have reviewed to be one of the most reputable for Lead Capture Page Design. With unique pages designed for your specific needs and product/services, Custom Capture Pages are most definitely the way to go for the winning edge.

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