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Can You Still Make Money With The Build A Niche Store Program?

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A few years ago, the Build A Niche Store Program hit the market and quickly become many Internet Marketers favorite tool for making money with eBay auctions. Many Marketers quickly went out and bought hundreds of domains and installed this popular script on them. To say this script was H-O-T is an understatement.

During that period time, beginning Internet Marketers as well as seasoned Pro’s built multiple BANS sites. Some even went as far as to build huge networks consisting of hundreds of BANS sites. Many of these Marketers were pulling down 5 figures a month with their networks. Even the average Internet Marketer was making more with this program than they had with any other.

After a year or so the bottom fell out from under BANS owners. Google up and pulled the plug on many, but not all, BANS sites. The reason for this is unclear, as Google never gave an official reason. Speculation at the time was that it viewed these sites as thin affiliate sites and felt they offered no benefit to search engine users. Some sites that were making $10,000 or more a month went to making nothing as they fell out of the Google SERPS.

Shortly after eBay took its affiliate department in house, they started letting many of their affiliates go. Some of these affiliates were making full time incomes from their BANS sites. Again, no real reason was given as to why this happened.

The question now begs, is it even worth to use the BANS program? I think so. But the Affiliate Marketer has to remember that new sites must have quality content. Both eBay and Google want websites that are helpful and useful to the Internet user. Simply throwing hundreds of these sites up with no content is a sure recipe for disaster.

So can money still be made with BANS? Sure. The Owner should keep in mind though, that any site needs quality content. Some users are now using other programs such as PHPBay to monetize their sites with eBay auctions. Other scripts have come along that does everything that BANS does and a little bit. Now days, beginners are limited to just using the Build A Niche Store program.

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