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Can I Use Viral Marketing To Increase My Traffic Business?

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If you ask the question of how to get more website traffic, you’ll often get this response – ‘go viral’.

Sounds interesting, but what does it actually mean? How does it work, and is it effective?

That’s three solid questions that need answering, so let’s get started…

A virus, in medical terms, is something that is able to self-replicate and duplicate it’s genetic code to grow and spread. Once it does this, it becomes incredibly difficult to stop. This term has been used in the marketing niche and called ‘viral marketing’. Before the internet was around, the technique was never called by that name, although some business used the concepts behind it..

To break the concept down to its’ simplest, you give something away that has value, is of use to others. The item being given away must have some link back to your business or product. In the giveaway, you build in encouragement for others to pass it on themselves.

The chain of people passing it on self perpetuates, all the time with your website being a core element of the giveaway. It means your marketing message or website can be seen by a number of people that you cannot predict, and cannot control.

If successful, a viral campaign can create a flood of traffic which won’t stop even if you wanted it to – a marketer’s dream!

So this all sounds good, but can it really be effective?

The answer is yes, it most definitely does work – if you get it right it can be the biggest source of traffic to your website, and it can be done for free too.

You may choose to give away a product, a report maybe on the subject matter of your market. You may choose to give away a service, maybe providing a neat twist to a software application. You may choose to use a video, and this can really be exciting.

YouTube is one of the best examples of viral marketing that works well. Their videos are easily shared to other users either online or through email.

You could make a short video about your subject, or even screen shots, and once you’ve uploaded it to You Tube, people have the chance to make comments on it. If you can start an argument, you’ll have people falling over themselves to watch your video!

People can put your video on any of their websites, and because it is free, and YouTube even provide the html code, it could not be easier.

After watching the video, the user is also presented with a simple button that they can click to instantly share the video with as many of their friends as they want.

This is almost too good to be true, but it is all there, and crushingly simple, quick and free to do, it just takes some of your time. Let’s not make any false claims, the first few times you do it, you’ll make mistakes and take a bit longer to produce your video, but once you get the technique sorted, you can use video to go viral, and get a huge amount more website traffic.

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