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Buying SEOPressor – Yes Or No?

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Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO, is the most vital skill you can master as a burgeoning internet marketer. The entire idea behind SEO is to enable the major search engines to “make friends” with your site and then send more and more visitors to you so that you can earn more money when those visitors buy your products. It takes some time to get the hang of SEO and doing that can often be frustrating. What if it was possible for your own website to teach you the ins and outs of SEO? What if there was a way for your website to tell you what it needed to be more SEO friendly? This is why Daniel Tan invented the SEOPressor, the latest and very popular SEO plug-in for WordPress CPA Renegade Bonus.

The website for SEOPressor insists that this is a very popular and useful product. We decided we’d examine it. We learned all of the following things.

Daniel Tan, the creator of SEOPressor, says that more than two hundred thousand people have purchased and downloaded this plug-in. It looks like this plug-in is about to be labeled a “WordPress Mandatory” plug-in. This is fantastic news for Daniel Tan and it lends legitimacy to his product. If you weren’t sure if you could trust this download, that should help you feel more secure.

This is Daniel’s most popular IM product.

Many online marketers will appreciate the way Clickbank is integrates into the plug-in. When you set up SEOPressor, there’s a field where you put in your Clickbank affiliate ID. It’s a simple matter, then, to make your WordPress blogs optimized for Clickbank sales. There’s no programming necessary. Just put in your affiliate ID and you are ready to go. Nothing spells popular like easy affiliate sales integration, right? For someone who wants an easy way to promote Clickbank products without a lot of trouble, this plug-in is ideal!

Many online marketers will appreciate the way Clickbank is integrates into the plug-in. There is a place to put in your Clickbank ID in the back end of the plug-in. Once you do this, your sites are optimized to sell whatever Clickbank products you want. There’s no programming necessary. You only have to enter your Clickbank ID once, and you’re all set. Nothing spells popular like easy affiliate sales integration, right? This plug-in will really help newcomers to affiliate marketing and Clickbank, who are given a plug and play system.

Other times it gets in the way of your intentions. Do not start bolding links just because you are able to. Only a newbie would do something like this. There are all sorts of reasons that you would decide to buy SEOPressor. The biggest reason is that it helps you learn more about SEO while you are working on building your business. You can learn in real time. For lots of people, this is the best part of buying the plug-in. For others it is the time it saves them. You will have to figure out your own reasons to buy it.

The back end of this plug-in is really pretty. You are able to insert keywords to any of your content whenever you want. It is where you control the look and feel of your keywords and affiliate links. It should not take you too long to figure out how everything works. You simply have to get your feet wet and try everything and you’ll be able to figure it out. Of course, having a lot of control over your back end is nice, but too much control means that you run the risk of over doing things and setting your site up to fail (in spite of your best intentions).

If you are new to search engine optimization you will find this plug is helpful because it analyzes your current keyword use and makes suggestions for better SEO. It takes a while to get the hang of how best to place your keywords and how often to use them. With SEOPressor, you have an automated SEO expert that tells you exactly what you should do to make your posts better optimized for the search engines. In addition to making your content better optimized, you’ll be learning valuable skills. More advanced users may not feel the need for this Massive Passive Profit Bonus.

There are many aspects to improving the optimization of your sites. If you use WordPress there are a few different ways to implement SEO through plug-ins. SEOPressor is really made for people who want a plug-in that can do an impressive number of SEO-related activities, so if this is you, you may want to buy it. Whether or not you buy this really depends on how much help you need with your SEO efforts.

Learn more about SEOPressor and don’t miss my full SEOPressor Review.

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