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Build Your MLM Business With Global NPN

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Global NPN is a network marketing or MLM plan started by Geoff Stephen in 2005. This system is also known as the New Plan Network, and includes a great deal of Internet marketing tools, like a chat system for you and your members, and unlimited banner impressions. This can be very beneficial to newbies. There are also tools to help the experienced marketer take business to the next level, with an online browser tool and down line mailer. Here are just a few of the many reasons to consider this system for online marketing.

Lead Capture System

Online marketing is all about leads and keeping track of them. The Lead Capture System in this program helps you to organize and keep track of your leads for new business affiliates. Most of the work is done for you, and it is not difficult to use.

How the Lead Capture System Operates

Your Lead Capture System starts with your ads on a web page, as you invite people to sign up for information. When they submit the form, it is directed to a free report on web page. You are emailed to notify that someone is requesting information, and this is loaded into the Leads Manager, at the same time.

When your prospects sign up for information, they receive several emails a week for approximately 90 days. After 90 days, they receive periodic announcements. This is all done for you, and you have little to do.

How the Five by Five Smart Matrix System Works

Here is how the Five by Five Smart Matrix system operates. You have exactly five direct members on your first referral level. You second referral level can hold as many as twenty five. Next is the third level with 125, and the fourth can have as many as 625. Your fifth level has a capacity of 3125 affiliates and this is a grand total of 3905 people within your organization. This helps to keep payment on a fair and level basis.

Cost of the Plan

For under eleven dollars (US) every month, you get many important MLM services. You also receive the option to upgrade to more tools, if you desire. There is no financial risk, you have a 30 day free trial, when you sign up.


Your pay is delivered via Alertpay, a trusted and secure online payment system. You are paid every month in three different manners. Each direct referral earns a fifty percent commission. You also receive fifty cents per month for every member that is in your five by five matrix. Also, you receive a one hundred percent matching bonus on the matrix of your direct referrals. In other words, your direct referrals get paid fifty cents per month for each member, and you get a bonus that matches that amount, every month.


Many people just starting in MLM could use important learning tools. Also, those that are experienced in MLM can benefit from services like Global NPN. This New Plan Network comes with a lot of effective tools like automatic lead tracking and managing. The payment plan provides three different ways to earn income. The service is inexpensive and relatively risk free, as you get a 30 day free trial upon signing up.

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