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Basics of Viral Video Marketing

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Everyone is in a buzz about viral video marketing and how it can turn something regular into something that’s on everyone’s lips practically overnight. Do we really know how it works or what it is exactly? Well, lets’ go over some of the basics of Viral Video Marketing shall we?

The first bit of information one must know about is to answer the question of what really is viral video marketing about? You may find this funny but at first, I thought that it had something to do with all these computer viruses and how they opened up websites without out knowledge. In a way, viral video marketing is the same but we willingly do it.

Viral Video Marketing creates a buzz that makes people want to pass your material around. Either it’s really informative that they must share it with others or that it’s really entertaining and share-worthy. Whatever the case, once this process starts, there’s no stopping it and that’s why it’s called viral in the first place.

Just like the real thing, this form of video marketing will create an enthusiasm in a person about a product or material and they can’t help but pass it around like a virus. This keeps on going until it reaches critical mass or basically the market is saturated with the video. This is the reason why this form is so popular because it has maximum reach with minimal cost.

The first notable form of viral marketing was probably a scam created by Charles Ponzi (where the term Ponzi scheme came from) in which the people themselves spread the word around. The participants had no malice in spreading the word around simply because they thought it was real and that it shouldn’t be missed. Charles Ponzi didn’t market his scam aggressively, he let the participants do it for him and it was really effective back then.

The whole purpose of a viral video marketing campaign is to get that word-of-mouth spread much like the first Ponzi scheme. Once enough people are enthusiastic about what you’re offering, they’ll do the spreading of the word for you. If this is the case then you can consider your campaign to be a roaring success.

A word of caution about starting your own attempt at creating a viral video marketing campaign. Not every single attempt will turn out to be successful. In fact, the success rates of creating an effective campaign are pretty low that’s why the payouts are really high.

A lot of people on the internet are “jaded” so if your attempt isn’t original enough of interesting enough, it may wind up in the corner with all of the other failures. It’s really hard work to create a one so you must be ready with everything before even starting to create one. Good thing there are tons of free resources out there on the internet that can help you get started.

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