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Autoblogging Plugin – AutoPress Plugin Review

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Autoblogging is the method of automatically generating content for your blog. There are a number of advantages of doing this. First of all it allows you to quickly and easily build site, generate constant content to them and take advantage of related keywords and phrases in your niche automatically.

If you use WordPress as your blogging platform you will know already that there are a number of ways that you can generate content for your blog on auto pilot. You can use rss feeds from syndicated content, you can mash those feeds together for more unique content, you can use content fed from article directories and blog networks as well.

The WordPress community has created a number of free plugins that can be used to fetch automated content to your site on auto pilot. However, most free plugins are limited in how much content and quality of content they can provide. If you are serious about autoblogging it is best to purchase a premium plugin that has more features and greater support. A premium plugin will include ways to monetize the content that you are generating as well as other additional content integration features.

The problem is that most of the plugins available do not produce a truly unique blog because they are all feeding the same sort of content. In order to get a truly unique blog without leaving a footprint for the search engines you need to add your own unique.

Usually, to add your own content you would create your own articles and add this to the blog. Whilst this gives your blog an air of uniqueness all the posts that are being automatically fed in do not have anything unqiue attached to them.

A new plugin has now been released which has all the features of a great autoblogging plugin and more. Not only can you generate unique content for your blog but you can also make it unique by adding your own custom text (in spinnable form). The ability to add custom text to your auto generated content means that for every post you have the opportunity to insert your own keywords and call to action and originality.

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