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Article Marketing Strategy Guidelines

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A cheap and easy way to market a product, service or business is through article marketing. In this marketing process, informative articles are written and available on several websites. Each article used for marketing can achieve good ranking from the search engines such as Yahoo, Google, and Bing that would ultimately add more business. Article marketing is the best tool to educate people about the business, this tool not only attracts more visitors to the site, but also has the potential to convert them into customers. Here are few tips to design the perfect strategy.

One of the first steps to consider in your marketing strategy is keyword research. The keywords should be based on business or products, and it can also be based on the resolution offered by the products. There are many keyword research tools online like Google keyword tool that helps to locate the correct phrase used by the people to search a related product. The targeted keywords should always be used in the article.

Always use original high quality and informative articles with a length of approximately 300 to 600 words. The article should include targeted keywords. If a person is not skillful in writing articles, then it is better to hire professional writers for perfect articles. One should focus more on useful articles and should engage readers to read more.

High quality content with catchy titles is what works best for your articles. The visitors look only at the title before reading more in the article. For that reason, the title should help the readers recognize what the content is about and it should also include the keywords. Also, the title should be short and sweet.

Submitting articles to your own blog is a great way to benefit from RSS feeds. One can submit this RSS feeds to all major RSS directories and can even bookmark their articles in social networking sites to bring in more traffic. Another way is to submit articles in article marketing sites with back links so that the visitors would be able to visit the target website.

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