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An SEO Case Study Evaluation

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Down the page I’ve listed two positioning reviews for The Affinity Trading Group. To protect the privacy of my customers, I blocked the keyphrases through which they get ranking for. Nevertheless, I do leave the # of searches as that displays the competition level and general search worth. While many people fixate on ranking for large volume words, myself included, one must always be aware that low volume key words are just of the same quality because they do represent a well identified precise market compared to the more generalized bigger volume words and this greatly targeted traffic happens to be the kind of person that is precisely hunting for that which you have to offer. To that note, keep in mind, my intention will be to rank well for every one of the desired key-phrases as I do still focus on those biggies ;-)

The first file is an image snapshot of a report I ran towards the end of August. Note that my Search engine optimization consultant services with them started at the conclusion of July so this August report signifies roughly one month of Seo work. In July they positioned for only a select few key phrases with those keywords / phrases ranking over 50 (1 being the first spot on page 1 and 50 being the bottom area on page 5). So as you will find, inside of 4 weeks, I was able to advance 14 words to the top 20 positions with 5 of them being top 10. I do not include search values on this document but I will state that their month to month search volumes ranged from 1,500 to 22,000.

As I go into different assignment, I will not spend time seeking to rank large worth words. I first pursue the lower level key phrases for several reasons. 1) They will progress more quickly subsequently enabling you to find some traffic quickly and 2) The effort that is placed into developing these lower volume keywords will drip down and eventually assist the other larger size keyword phrases. Proper Search engine optimization is similar to constructing a house. You need to construct a formidable foundation with lower level keywords / phrases, create your walls with your mid level phrases so that you can have a sturdy construction to hold and maintain your larger volume key phrases (the roof).

anthonynunes.com/ranking-reports/AffinityTrading/Affinity_ 08-2010.JPG

Now let us advance ahead a couple of months to the end of this month (November). After downloading the below rankings review, you can observe that a lot of improvement has been made. In combination with experiencing more keyword phrases enter into the top one hundred slot, I was able to raise the best 20 number to thirty six keywords and phrases (formerly 14) and the top 10 to twenty three keyword phrases (formerly 5). I was as well able to rank very well for a few high volume keyword phrases with one possessing a competitive 450,000 month to month search volume keyword sitting nicely at the #11 spot.

The 10-20 ranking placement is commonly a very difficult location to break out of as it might at times require months for higher volume key phrases to get from say a #15 to #9 or #10, however I continue to watch good success with these phrases and in due time, they should get there. Much like other things, the closer you find yourself at the top, the significantly less space there exists.

Moreover, it is at this point where by Affinity finds that their traffic ratio has leaned to the side of search engine traffic meaning that +33% of their visitors are generated from search engines (mainly Google) whilst the other 2/3 is originating out of direct connections and web-site referrals.


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