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Amish shah magic bullet system 2

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Many americans and canadians are looking to make money online and looking for that next big thing that they can jump on that will provide them the opportunity to take care of them and their family and finally have that financial success they have been looking for. Fortunately there are opportunities to make money and grow your wealth everywhere you look, especially in a slow economy. People in a down economy get more fearful and begin to hoard and spend their money in different ways. If you position yourself where they are spending it’s easy to capitalize and make money from this economy.

I started building blogs, and running PPC campaigns but after several attempts of trying to use the PPC Optimizer, I gave up and stopped all my Yahoo, MSN and Google campaigns.

My dream to make money online started at a much younger age then most people. I was in middle school looking to make more money because I didn’t like the lack and scarcity mindset of the household I grew up in. I came across some things online that said you can make money online and I got really excited and got on corey rudl’s internet marketing list. I bought my first internet marketing educational product while in middle school and learned about the world of information products, affiliates and digital fulfillment which I thought was awesome.

I began dabbling in online marketing and driving traffic through ppc and social media throughout middle and high school but didn’t make a whole lot of money during that time period. I finally launched my first information product and made some more money online and then started in affiliate and cpa marketing and began to make even more. I then created more websites in new markets to market both affiliate and new information products that I had come out with and my income began to increase more as my network grew.

As of January of 2011 I have been working from home for 2 years now full time and love every minute of it. I get to teach people how to improve their health and teach them how to grow their business online and I get paid for teaching people how to live healthier and wealthier lives. I also get paid to drive traffic and sell my own high value information products which is one of the best ways to make money because of the margins and the rate of speed you can grow your business online.

I believe the whole thing turned around when Erik (E1) followed by Eric (E2) came onto the scene. These two were able to explain the PPV and CPA market with practical examples. E1 with his videos explaining Trafficvance, directCPV and a few others, and E2 with his knowledge on how to set up and analyze campaigns where invaluable. In fact I flew out from Australia to San Diego for the conference with the main purpose of meeting the E’s and asking them a whole lot of questions. They were great, in particular, E2′s presentation at the seminar. I still can’t believe he is only 20 but has such a breath of knowledge and experience. Both E’2 are assets to the team. I actually started making a good profit of $200 to $300 a day (US$ at that – yes!) after talking to the E’s and Jessie, another huge asset, from yMultimedia. The only problem was the profits disappeared once I came home, the offers stopped converting for no reasonable explanation. I need to resolve this issue. – Lorne Leahan

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