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Affiliate Marketing – How To Pick The Best Programs and How To Get The Highest Commissions

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Being an affiliate marketer is definitely the easiest and quickest way to see quick and profitable results online. However, the great majority of affiliates don’t seem to see the real benefit of it. Let me show you how marketers build their multiple-figure income by choosing the right program to promote and taking the real advantage of being an affiliate

The conspiracy of affiliate marketing is that people plan to have a big affiliate business, giving all their effort selling someone else’s product and making them rich. It is always much better for you to get 100% of the profit. To get the full benefit of being an affiliate is to test small, to find out what is selling, promote it and if it sells well you find the weaknesses of that product as well as of its competitors, and then you go and make you own product!

For instance, you came across a digital product “learn how to play guitar in 7 days” but you found out or tried it yourself and saw that it was confusing and difficult to follow. Now what you do is, you make a better product that fills that gap. Check other competitive products and see what you can do differently. Write down all the weaknesses and then go to, ask an expert in guitars and ask something like “What is the shortest period that an average person can learn to play guitar? What are the easiest steps to follow that any one can learn in the shortest possible period? Etc. Using teleconference, you then transcribe that information into mp3, cd or dvd a pdf file, and make your own product!

To make this easier, you go to Click or, type a keyword of the niche that you are planing to get into; For example “guitars” if you see that there are more than 20 products being promoted just on click bank, then it means that the market is a good market to mess with.

Next, you check the product related to guitars that has a reasonable percentage coming from affiliates (where it says %refd) and a gravity level between 2 and 100 (you see it at the bottom of each product). Other wise, if it is more than 100, it is considered to be highly competitive, and lower than 2, the product is not good enough that is why no one is promoting it

Try to get a specialized product rather than the broad one. For instance, “Guitar” could have thousands of web pages meanwhile “Guitar scale mastery” may be less competitive. Frank says, this is much easier to sell, because no one would be typing “guitar scale” unless they want it right now. This is a way to narrow your niche, reduce competition and increase profits.

Now, If you found a good market to mess with and found good products to promote, go to yahoo or Google and set up a direct link campaign (it is where you just place and ad and sends you straight to your affiliate link, you don’t have to build any middle or landing page). Otherwise, simply open a blog in squidoo, word press, or submit articles; write some reviews about the product/s you are promoting, add some pictures in it with links and add good extra value to the reader.

Always remember, you are simply trying the market to see if the product sells well, and if it it does, like I mentioned earlier, find out the weaknesses of the product / potential competitors and make your own digital product.

Ricoh Swachtz has written an authoritative, jet very easy-to-read guide on making money with clickbank which you can see for free in making high commissions with affiliates. This article, Affiliate Marketing – How To Pick The Best Programs and How To Get The Highest Commissions is released under a creative commons attribution license.

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