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Affiliate Email Marketing, Choosing The Best Automatic Responder System

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If you question any successful internet marketer they will tell you “the money is in the list”.

By list, they mean their affiliate email marketing mailing list, those who have opted in to receive emails from that particular marketer.

It may appear obvious to most people who have been online for any period of time, but the fact remains that there are many websites who do not have a automatic responder system and they simply don’t have any way of collecting visitors email addresses on their website.

The fact is that they are missing out on earning a lot more money, for very little extra effort.

You may be familiar with the terms “cold list” and “warm list”. A cold list is a list of subscribers who haven’t been contacted or emailed in a long time, so their response to any emails would be probably very low.

On the other hand a warm list is when the list owner has been regularly contacting their list, interacting with them and offering them a good reason to stay subscribed to their list.

Having a warm list is very imperative, not only does it mean that any of your offer or call to actions you send out will be given a better response, but it also means that your conversion rates will be much higher.

Your conversion rate is the number who actually buys or takes action, divided by the total number of subscribers you send the email to.

After you’ve had your list for a while you should know what your conversion rate is for different mailings.

Simply knowing this important information will tell you how potentially profitable each new subscriber will be to you, in addition to your existing subscribers.

For this very reason building a mailing list is important, once you know and understand what your conversion rate is, you can almost guarantee how much money you will make each and every time you send out a sales email.

There are some things that you should do in your automatic responder message namely build trust with your list to keep a list warm.

Don’t forget to always let your list know a little bit about yourself, be approachable and send quality, non-sales information regularly and only sprinkle in sales emails and affiliate offers once in a while.

Try your very best to be honest and trustworthy about your offers that you send out in your automatic responder message, never promote junk offers just to make a few dollars.

Always try to think about long term profits from your affiliate email marketing list rather than making quick profits that could ruin your future.

There is little doubt that affiliate email marketing, will increase your traffic and your sales so take a little time to understand how to do it properly and your rewards will be great!

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