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Advice You Can Implement Right Away for Increased Exposure for Your Squidoo Lens

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Since it’s usually easy for Squidoo lenses to rank well with search engines, Squidoo is becoming an increasingly popular tool among Internet marketers. Pay close attention to this article if you have any interest in building traffic pulling Squidoo lenses of your own. If you use these 3 tips, your lens promotion efforts are sure to be rewarded.

Optimizing your lens for the search engines is one of the most effective methods when it comes to Squidoo. The reason for this is simple, Squidoo is an authority site and that means your lenses can get high rankings easily. Optimizing your lenses properly and leveraging the strong position Squidoo has in the search engines is the only way to do this. This can be done by adding keyword targeted content and using the keywords in your title. Unfortunately, many ignore a vital tip and that is using the tags you can include in your lens. You can have up to forty tags according to Squidoo for every lens you create. To maximize your SEO efforts, you can comfortable include up to twenty. Tags are used by search engines to understand the content and to navigate through it, which is why search engines adore them. This way you can get higher search engine rankings for your lenses. Your tags have to be unique, just like your content, and they must include a combination of single keywords as well as key-phrases. Ensure that your Squidoo profile has the “contact me” button enabled. Once the traffic starts coming in, people will be have a way to get in touch with you without you having to provide them with your email address.

If your audience doesn’t feel they are getting solid information they’ll just keep moving on until they do. Your mission is to provide visitors with the kind of content that will convince them that you are an expert in your field. You can’t really expect people to buy products through your lens if you haven’t established yourself as an authority to your audience. Squidoo is all about flaunting your expertise, so use this core feature to the fullest extent. Second, you need to register your lenses with sites like Squidom or Lensroll. This will give you added exposure because these are social voting sites like Digg. People here go through various lenses and vote for the good ones. If your lens becomes popular and ends up on the front page, you can get quite a few visitors.

Last, but certainly no less important, is ensuring the uniqueness of your lens meaning that anything you post on your lens has to be completely unique and not posted anywhere else online. Even if you are using your existing articles, just rewrite them so that your lens content is original. Sites with unique content tend to gain better rankings since search engines don’t like duplicated content. Therefore, it’s important that you take care of the content and make sure it’s original.

These tips when applied to your Squidoo lens, can get you more traffic and better results. The work done today to generate traffic is a foundation for even more traffic down the line. You just need to get your lens ranked to begin with and then all you’ll need to do is maintain the rank you’ve earned for your keywords. What’s holding you back? This is the time for action. When you spend a lot of time working to make your lens grow, the return on that investment will be significant.

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