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Advice For Recording Online Video Tutorials

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Ever wondered how people can present you so visibly what is going on their desktop? Creating video tutorials is not a straight forward task and when you sit down to think of a couple of video tutorials for a project, you will be asking dozens of questions. Questions like what screen size the videos must be, what recording application you should use, what microphone is right, how long must the videos be and what file sizes are acceptable.

You can create video tutorials using dozens of various strategies. There are no official procedures to make videos. This is because conditions and viewers will always deviate. Several methods will be required based on your viewers. Here are a couple of tips in generating a video tutorial.

First thing you must do is discover an empty and hush conference room. Turn off everything in the room (ticking clocks, mini-fridge, etc.) to ascertain that you don’t record any undesirable sounds. Then connect your microphone to your pc or laptop. If you have a laptop, avoid using its built-in microphone. This is because it will sound similar to a CB radio.

Then open your recording software and the app that you are creating a tutorial on. Fit the recording screen to the application. One fantastic recording instrument is Camtasia Studio; it permits you to edit full-motion recording in ways that other recording programs don’t. For your screen size, 640 x 480 would be great since most users may have their resolutions set at 1024 x 768. You can begin at 640 x 480 and drag the recording edge to 1000 x 750. In that way, you can capture the entire application while keeping the same proportions.

Also avert from swallowing, licking your lips, breathing rowdily by your nose, stuttering and mumbling when discussing the methods in the tutorial. Pressing the pause and resume buttons at the right time can be helpful if you should clear your throat or look through your script. Also avoid coughing, yawning and mispronounceing words as you record the video. If you can, do lots of takes; this helps you ascertain which recording looks and sounds best. As you edit the recording, you would need to manipulate the audio or video separately. Try to make a separate MP3 file at best quality and import it to the video. Make sure that it syncs accurately though.

After testing these steps, you have to try how to improve the basics. One thing you should perfect is how to not sound like you are reading. Also be sure that what you are explaining in the video doesn’t vary from your help topic content. Doing this, you wouldn’t puzzle the viewers. Try matching the text in your script depending on your help file. Finally, see some video tutorials yourself and attempt to compare them with yours. You can also observe what makes these tutorials great or bad and employ them on your own videos.

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