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Advertising and Promotion Effectiveness – Achieving Success in Online Business

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When you begin marketing and promoting your online business you are going to run into some unbelievable advertising opportunities. Generally speaking if the ad offering sounds too good to be true–It is.

One of the most effective, and cheapest, methods of advertising is through e-zines. There are thousands, if not millions of e-zines published every single day. The best way to approach e-zines for advertising is to join a couple that fit your product profile and that you find interesting. Most e-zines offer incentives to new businesses signing up, and will even run your ad for free just for subscribing. You can find many e-zines that offer ads for as little as a dollar. It is a fantastic way to reach thousands of people who are already interested in your type of business.

Stay away from the companies that tell you they are going to place you in search engines for a fee, for the most part they will do nothing more than use a site software submitter. You can get your own software for this or use an online service and submit your site yourself for a lot less than what most SEO companies charge for this service.

Guaranteed Traffic – Achieving Success in Online Business

Targeted advertising is by far the best way to bring in traffic to your website. By using targeted key words, your customers are not just stumbling into your website. Half the work is already done by the key words. You just need to supply the information. Google Ad Words can be used very effectively as well as other targeted key word companies. Most of these operate on a pay per click basis, so you will need to research your key words and supply the best possible words to ensure a good cost-to-click ratio.

Mass Emails a Waste of Time – Achieving Success in Online Business

Achieving Success in Online Advertising – Keep Record of Your Ads

Key your ads to find out which one’s are working. Or simply have several email addresses or auto responders and calculate which email address receives the most response to your ads. Keep records of every one who responds to your ads. Follow up with appropriate messages about your product. Of course give them the option to opt out of receiving further correspondence.

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