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The Most Popular Affiliate Programs

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Affiliate marketing has become an integral part of any online business. It attracts more and more people who are looking for an easy way to earn money using the Internet. Affiliate program is the best choice for the seller to lower promoting costs and a great source of revenue for the affiliate. But what type of affiliate marketing is the best? Do they offer the same benefits? So, what are the three most applicable types of affiliate marketing?

The Pay Per Click method has become very popular for affiliates since the product manufacturer pays his affiliate marketer as soon as a visitor makes a click on promotional banner or text. In PPC case, the affiliate is rewarded no matter the goods are purchased or not. The biggest drawback of this type of affiliate marketing is that a real profit using PPC might be gained only if the associate merchant generates the flood of visitors to the original website. If not, your affiliate earnings will be too low to gather wealth.

In a Pay Per Sale type of affiliate marketing, a merchant pays his affiliate a certain fee when a customer referred by this affiliate makes a purchase. PPS provides that affiliates are commonly paid based on commissions or they receive a fixed amount of money. Generally, PPS method is more advantageous than PPC, because every single sale supposed to bring money.

The third common type of affiliate payment program is Pay Per Lead, which is almost the same as Pay Per Sale option. In the PPL, the affiliate is paid for every person who filled up an application or any other form related to a website. Prospects who signed up on the merchant’s site are considered as potential clients and good leads.

It is naturally, that a great variety of affiliate programs available online may have both advantages and disadvantages expressed in different conditions and fee arrangements. Each potential affiliate marketer is strongly recommended to analyze the whole range of options offered to choose the one, which will match financial and business interest.

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