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A Transformation To Solar Power Is Ecologically Needed

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The most apparent energy source for the planet is the sun. It is basically a built-in fusion reactor for our entire solar system, providing us with more heat, light and radiation than we could ever use. Its energy is extremely great that it powers all life on the planet, being the basis of photosynthesis for plants. A transition to solar energy is environmentally responsible and is urgent, in today’s shifting climes.

Thus, one could say that everything we eat, use and do is crystallized sunlight. It is therefore an extremely urgent thing for us to utilize this source, placed smack in our backyard, for the continuation of our civilization and way of life on Earth.

Fossil fuels are one of the main sources of power today. Whether it’s coal, oil, or natural gas, you utilize here the remains of formerly living organisms, particularly plants and algae. These plants store their energy because they utilize the sun’s energy through photosynthesis.

Thus, one may view these fossil fuels as a form of fossilized sunlight, concentrated there through millions of years worth of compacting into a rock. This therefore makes an absurdity when viewed this way: why spend the effort digging up these preserved specimens when you can get fresh sunlight everyday?

It may be true that fossil fuels concentrate power more effectively, but current solar technology has already achieved parity with fossil fuels in terms of cost. The biggest blow to this argument, however, comes from the fact that you can concentrate sunlight through the use of mirrors to focus them to one receiver. This allows you to utilize the solar radiation more effectively and can store a residual amount of radiation too.

New technology allows photovoltaic cells to be smaller than before. This creates an unprecedented application for portable devices, both big and small. From solar-powered phones to solar cars, boats, planes and even motorcycles, smaller solar panels are fit for everyone. One could even power up clothes using solar power. It was almost unimaginable just ten to twenty years ago, since panels at that time are big, bulky, and are expensive. They could also be only installed by specialists. Today, you can buy do-it-yourself power at the fraction of the cost and with more adaptability and variability.

It can also be argued that solar power is unreliable. This viewpoint may be more pronounced since it is it is obvious that there are only a few places on Earth that get 24 hours of sunlight (in those places which have that phenomenon, it only happens for 6 months, and they are in the poles, so the power you get is less). However, the advances in battery making allows us to have grid-level storage for our electricity, enabling us to literally save up for that rainy day. Fairbanks, Alaska is the first of such systems and it helps them power up the city quite reliably.

A transition to solar energy is environmentally responsible since it conserves our natural resources by using one which is not at all scarce. While it can be argued that solar power is finite, since the sun will blow up, it will inevitably take more time for us to be able to live (at around 10 billion years more, it’s not too much of an issue), the sun is still the best source for heat, radiation and power to help us do our daily tasks.

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