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A Quick Look At Google Webmaster Tools

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SEO has evolved in an exceedingly complex industry of its own with numerous people proclaiming that they are experts. And with this we have all type of tools that have come into the market claiming that they will get you to the top spot. So which to select in this instance? What if I tell you that there are some free tools that exist? In this post we will be speaking about Google Webmaster tools and just how it can be helpful for your campaign.

Google Webmaster Tools help you analyze data that can be a big help for the SEO of your internet site. It is very difficult to solve an apparent problem when one does not know its source. That is why we need tools to verify that the work we supply is quality and also to discover where we must make more effort.First thing that the Google Webmaster Tools provide is a list of all the errors the Google bot identified when crawling your site. For instance you will be able to find out where there are duplicate content on your website. Duplicate content can be really harmful for a web site because it may be considered spam and search engines like Google may penalize a web site for this.

Secondly Google Webmaster Tools provide a list of the search queries that are most frequently utilized. This enables you to see what are the queries which are more prevalent on your internet site and where do they come from. This may help you boost your SEO campaign to get more traffic.

Google Webmaster Tools offer you a list of links that point to your website. This may be really critical if you wish to discover what kind of sites link to your internet site and the favorite content. This can be used in link baiting strategies as well as shape your general link building campaign.

You will also have the ability to submit your sitemap to Google. All URL’s of your website is available on this page to ensure that Google has the ability to index all these pages. Nonetheless you will have to verify your site before hand. This can be achieved by uploading an html file to your server or by inserting a bit of code inside your meta tag. When done you will be able to take advantage of all the tools that are available on the site.

Google Webmaster Tools is a very powerful tool if you know how to utilize them properly. You will be able to get plenty of information about your site performance as well as learn where you have to make corrections. The help section also include some important information. Do take a moment to go through them before starting to use Google Webmaster Tools.

If you want to have tons of traffic it might be important that you first make a good choice of keywords. There are various tools such as keyword elite software that exist and that might be useful for you. Alternatively there are some keyword research service that might prove to be useful for you.

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