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A Method Used By Internet Marketers To Obtain The Contacts Of Potential Buyers

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To collect email addresses and names of people, most of the most online marketers will follow a basic process. Such process as explained below is simple yet powerful hence the constant use.

The best way to make people submit their names and email addressee to you is by making them fill your squeeze page before they are allowed access to your sales or affiliate page. This way you will have their names entered into your auto responder.

To entice them into filling your form, you make an offer a gift to them preferably something related to what they want to purchase.

In order to get them to sign their emails and names, make sure they have understood your free offer. You can do this by explaining its benefits to them in bullet points.

The free gift is to be released only after the potential customers have don e one final thing. This is having them confirm their emails in a different link other than the one they filled their names in. When this is done successfully, then they can be given the link with the free gift for them to download it.

At this stage, you may be forced to do a double work. That is, you will need to introduce them to your official link by an introduction message send to their email boxes. It is best to do this immediately after they have confirmed their emails as requested.

Regardless of whether they have signed to your link or not, ensure that they are send further offers as soon as possible. Caution should be taken as this is done to avoid overdoing it. Instead you can choose to send them information about your link and what you are trading in. This can be done twice at most with the aim being to ensure continuity and to keep in touch with them.

To have good control over your free gifts, you will find it worthwhile to separate the gift from the auto responder. This way you will be able to monitor how the gifts are send as well as deciding to which email they should be send. It will still give you enough time to plan on the whole issue.

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