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Network marketing is like anything else in life that you want to achieve success with. A coach will short cut your journey to the top. That is if you really do want to get to the top of this industry.

I don’t care what level of success you have reached, you can always continue to improve and excel.

Even Tiger woods’ and Michael Jordan have/had coaches. IT only makes sense to want to improve on your skills, to take your game to the next level.

Ok I am done trying to convince you that you need a coach. I have built the type of income you want in this business of network marketing and I myself have mentors and coaches. So lets now get into how you go about getting the right coach.

Choosing the right coach comes down to you deciding what areas you need to improve on, what areas you want to work on.

Hold that thought for one second… There is something that needs to be said right up front.

Way to many people in our business think that their upline is their coach. That they must listen to what their upline has to say. That since their upline is their upline, he or she must know what they are talking about and will be able to coach you to the top.

I am sure this will cause a little bit of stir. People are so into the edifying your upline, giving them this 100% un due respect.

Understand this. The vast majority of people in the network marketing industry fail to make any money what so ever. And why might that be? Simple… because the vast majority of them listen to their broke upline!

The fastest way to success in any business is to model your activities after someone who has gone where you want to go.

Alright, lets look at how to choose a mlm leader, trainer, or coach to learn from. If you are need of getting better at warm market or old school activities find someone who has built their business that way.

However if you desire to harness the power of the net to build a large downline, by using the attraction marketing or funded proposal systems or the social media sites like Max Steingart trains on, you will need to go find a leader who has built one for themselves and created great success from it.

On that note, do yourself a huge favor and learn both of these sorts of strategies. Become a true leader yourself, one who can show their team how by using many avenues they can create success.

In this training I reveal to you how leaders like Max Steingart recruit in a big way!. Also published at A Home Based Business Coach.

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