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3 Home-Biz Marketing Channels that Work

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Thirsty for some home business marketing and success tips? Yeah, who wouldn’t be. In this article below I’ll show you few simple marketing channels or places to advertise that work. They produce results day in day out. Whether you’ll make it work, that’s another question. But it’s never too late to tap in and make this work.

1) PPV or CPV (Pay Per View or Cost Per View)

This isn’t new. It’s adware traffic. It works, it’s effective if targeted well enough. One thing to argue whether this type of traffic is legitimate. I’ve asked some of the sales people I these companies, and was told that it’s 100% optin. Which means people know they’re getting adware installed. So this is not an issue for us anymore.

2nd – this traffic works. It’s cheap and it’s effective. If you use banners to promote your site. Then you’ll notice that CTR is very low. Overall CPC may be $0.50 or more But if you use your landing page, you have much more chances of succeeding. I suggest using your own landing page, although you may direct link to the offer. With prices starting at $0.005 on some networks, this is a no brainer.

2) Banner Advertising Networks

No I don’t mean Casale Media or Valueclick. Those are top tier and much more expensive. I’m talking about places like AdOnion,, AdReady. Buying banners is great way to supplement the traffic to your site. If you get high enough click through rates, paying CPM will seem much more beneficial in the end.

These places charge from $0.25+. It means you don’t need a lot of money to start working with them. And they produce results. Obviously there are more ingredients in a successful campaign, than just a place to advertise. But look at it as a starting point. Everything else depends on your skills and abilities.

3) Mobile Marketing Platforms

Mobile is hot word now and for a reason. Some people have figured a way to monetize this traffic. And it makes them a lot of money. It can make you too. Now one thing to note, mobile works better for regular businesses than online affiliate marketers. Having some control over your landing page is always better than just using an offer provided.

You can advertise some coupons for a local store in a specific city. You can advertise a great deal to people who live in a small local town. Such targeting makes it almost impossible to miss advertising campaign. Mobile is new. Nobody figured it out yet. Jump on it. Bandwagon just came and it’s about to leave, so jump on it now and learn how to monetize it. Others already have.

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