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How to put a Capture Page form above Twitter Clickbank and any website even if you don’t own them

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you are reading this review because either you are interested to buy Jeff Long instant capture page or you want to create your own capture page but you dont know much about html.this software allow you to put a capture form above any website even if you don’t own them , think of Clickbank twitter facebook or even your affiliate sites

lets say you have a Blog about health niche and you have a link from your Blog to your  youtube facebook twitter myspace ..etc

what you can do is to create an instant capture page for each of the above social site that will capture those people who are interested about health

the same rule apply when you have several niche blogs and you want to capture different leads belong to different niches from the same social site.

This software required no html and any one can simply create as many capture pages for as many sites , you can have more than one capture pages for each twitter youtube and facebook and myspace ..etc

it also can be used instead of cloaking your affiliate link since the instant capture page software will redirect your visitor to your affiliate site once the visitor opt in or exit the capture form then your affiliate link will not need to be placed inside your Blog or website and hence prevent Google slap.

you can use this software to create capture page at any website wheatehr you own it or not . that’s why I recommend this software for every network marketer .

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