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Easy Video Player 2.0 Review – what is missing from it ?

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Easy Video Player 2.0 is a great tool to use for easy embedding video into your websites and blogs

The recent version of  Easy Video Player 2.0 allow you to let other to embed your video in their website , it also has  an great social sharing button where an audience can share your video using facebook twitter and Digg.

Easy Video player 2.0 has a great features that  can redirect your video viewers and tell them what action to take , example the optin form that pop up at the end of the video and the buy now button all can be consider an interaction tool between your video and your audience.

However there is one thing missing that you will need to know


The Easy Video Player 2.0 Bonus (Get this missing piece of Puzzle)

  There has been a lot of discussion lately by Google about their launch of Google TV later this year. No question, Youtube is not the only video viewing experience, and there is a ton of videos spread across the World Wide Web.

Google is now say, “If you want us to see and index your videos on your website, then you need a video sitemap.”

In fact, Matt Cutts, software engineer at Google Inc, was a keynonte speaker at the SM Expo and said,

“Video site maps is something that we’re probably going to look at a little more closely. If you tell us where your videos are, we will try to index them a little bit harder,” Cutts said. “For example, if you think about things like Google TV, coming out in the fall, it’s in everybody’s interest that all the videos that are on the web be able to be very discoverable and very searchable. If you produce videos and you haven’t done a video site map, that is something that I would definitely recommend.”

When you buy easy Video player  using my affiliate link you will get the following information:

  • How to create video sitemap that Google will index your easy video player in les than 48 hours
  • Top 10 Video SEO Best Practices quick guide.


Here how you can get the above two bonuses

  1. Buy Easy Video Player 2.0 by 21 of October 2010 using my affiliate link.
  2. Email me using contact us page  your receipt number.

***Make sure to order by 21st October 2010 or you will not get your Bonus***


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