Friday, April 16, 2021

To my Father

Dear Dad

this is a special page I created for you , there is no doubt that you are the only person who lives in Iraq got this important information at this early stage.

I have an important message that will not just effect you and me but also everyone in this world. This video was recorded last month September 2010 in Russia during Banker meeting; you may need to watch the video twice in order to grasp the information and how to be prepared for the coming Deflation.

**Deflation means there will be an opportunity and its coming soon. People who prepare for it will become wealthy some may even become a super wealthy while the rest will suffer a hard time!! And no matter where you are in a World and no matter what your financial situation now you too will have a chance to be one of those people who will reap this opportunity.

All the videos below will tell you the following
-Gold will reach $15,000 USD/ounce by 2015 (means by year 2012 expect gold will reach minimum $6000/0unce)
-Silver will reach $1500 USd/ounce by 2015 (means by years 2010 expect silver will reach minimum $600/ounce
1 ounce = approx 30 grams

I believe for every business project the most important factors are
-how fast to get my money back
-how much I am getting back (return of investment) and for how long this money will keep coming.
-and most important question does my money work for me or is it me who is working  for money ?

Check out these numbers
$20,000 USD will buy you  approx 15 ounces of Gold

$20,000 USD will buy you  approx 800 ounces of Silver

after 2 years (that the approximate time you will expect to start make profit for another project that cost $50,000 at least)

from the video below there is a very high chance that Gold will reach $6000/ounces by 2012

from the video below there is a very high chance that Silver will reach $600/ounces by 2012

lets take the  worse case example Gold reach ($3000/ounce) and silver reach ($300/ounce)

look at numbers

15 ounces of Gold x $3000 = $45,000 (50% return)

800 ounces of Silver x $300 = $240,000 (over 10 times return)

This is the swiss gold and silver company I am buying from

This video below  is showing a presentation by a finicial advisor whos himself been hired by many wealthy people from all around world. he is not just an advicer but also an investor too so he know his stuff really well. the first two videos are a recent presentation held last September 2010, while the other below are a recent tv interviews

Part one

Part Two

Tv Interview with Robert kiyosaki (best selling author book the conspircayof the Rich)

TV Interview with Mike Maloney regarding Gold and Silver