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Zija International – Multilevel marketing Welcomes Yet Another Nutritional Hopeful

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Zija International a fairly new company in the world of MLM was started in 2006 as the latest in a long string of successful network marketing companies founded by nutritional industry pioneer Kenneth Brailsford.

The Zija products all focus around the Moringa plant, a unique small plant that is widely grown around the world but most people have not heard of before.

This key ingredient from the research I did actually looks pretty amazing. Moringa contains antioxidants, minerals and amino acids and according to the Zija website people have reported “improvements in skin, digestion, eyesight, mental clarity, and overall well-being, plus a reduction in symptoms associated with fatigue, arthritic-like conditions, and aging” to name a few of the effects.

Humm… I wonder if I could mix it in my coffee?

That being said, you need to put that aside for a moment and decide whether or not having a really good nutritional product is the key element behind what will make a network marketing company succeed and more importantly is it going to put the big bucks into your pocket?

Well let’s take a look at the pay plan for a minute.

The Zija payment strategy is really a pretty simple Hybrid- Binary in which you are paid binary “Team Commissions” for your weaker leg. You also obtain extra revenue based on a unilevel framework that allows you to benefit from the movers and shakers in your business no matter what leg they’re in. You also have a matching check bonus that goes down 8 levels in your group.

Many recent MLM companies have used this structure including MonaVie, eXfuze, Evlov Health, and Xowii to name a few.

So the pay plan Zija uses clearly is suitable for pushing a few big checks so long as the numbers are there.

Nutritional merchandise is obviously a multilevel marketing industry favourite. They appear to be included in many companies, who are all hunting for that reported “Trillion Dollar” market that Paul Zane Pilsner discusses in his well-liked books.

So Zija seems like a deal made in heaven right?

Well maybe.

Every product within the Multilevel marketing industry including nutritional, skin care, technologies, and telecom products all appear to have pretty similar growth potential. The reason for this potential is a direct consequence of the products themselves.

The fact is that just 50% of the work of being successful in building a vast organization is the day to day routine of lead generation and presentations.

Following that, you need to hold it in position and have a considerable number of representatives continually ordering the merchandise.

The perfect storm in a MLM opportunity is of course where the “Wow” effect of the product is large, the product is demonstrative in its effectiveness where people actually feel or see a difference, and as a result even if they stop doing the business and recruiting new reps because they find it too difficult, they happily stay on the product.

Now even if nutritional products are a massive well-liked market, they tend to be a logical product sale. After all who ever ate a nutritional supplement and got up the next morning and claimed

Wow! My entire life has improved, I truly feel amazing.

It does not normally occur because nutritional supplements are obviously great for us, and we study the research, and we believe we should use them, but individuals drop off the wagon frequently.

Now there are of course ways to mitigate this effect such as blending your product mix by bringing in skin care and other product types with more consumer longevity and of course introducing new products and staying ahead of the curve.

So in summary, I guess I am not sure there are any perfect deals in the MLM industry but there are a lot of very good ones and Zija appears to be one of those.

So if you are fond of what you see in Zija and feel zealous about what the business is offering, go for it.

Just keep in mind MLM Success is a function of working the numbers, so focus your creative hard work on using high quantity lead generation methods instead of attempting to achieve results by hitting up your acquaintances and family.

Also having a large lead generation strategy is usually a huge benefit in offsetting the usual dropout percentage.

Marc Barrett is a well-known top Network marketing Marketing specialist. He has been given “Millionaires Circle” designation, and published a number of MLM training programs. For Zija coaching strategies click on the link for tip and methods to develop your organization. Also check out his current blog critique on Family IQ a unique fast moving Multilevel marketing company.

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