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What You Can Expect From a Direct Sale Business And What It Expects From You

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Direct Sales is a way of marketing products and services to others and making money every time someone in your down line makes a sale. Similar programs exist in the market and they are not a ponzai scheme as a lot of people are making it out to be. There is work to be done and money to be made by selling a super product that will make marketing gurus out of anyone who buys it.

This is definitely not a ponzai scheme because in a ponzai scheme there is no real product being sold. Here you are paying for a product you can hold and benefit from as well as selling it to others and when they sell it to others you still make money. With the product you get you become an internet marketing guru in no time at all.

Besides giving you a product that will change your life forever, and at a cost that you will not get anywhere else, this program also offers you back office support where real people handle sales for you by taking your calls, sending out emails and even closing sales for you and putting money in your bank. All you have to do is drive traffic to your personalized website, many times already provided.

Every member who signs up with this type of program gets a copy of the site that looks exactly like the last one. The difference is that it is customized to your affiliate identity. Everyone who visits the site will be treated as a person who you referred to the program. So, what does a program offer you and how is it not a ponzai?

In a ponzai scheme no one gets an end product. Members are asked to recruit new members and a portion of the recruitment fee is given to the affiliate and a major part goes to the company for ‘expenses’. In the end there will be a time when there will be no one to recruit and the end affiliates are not able to recover their money. In ponzai schemes there is always an end loser.

With Direct Sales, one is getting a real product that is not only useful but it can be retailed as well. This product can consist of a set of CDs containing learning material or PDFs that include: How to market a site and drive hordes of relevant traffic to it, How to manage ones finance with accounting software, training seminars for members and much more. If one were to sign up for the same training it would take ages to learn and much more than this kind of program costs.

The people that created this fantastic program have withheld no information. They have disclosed all in the CDs that make gurus out of ordinary people who want to make it big in the internet marketing world. When one is done with the tutorials marketing any product online through any site will be as easy as eating chocolate.

Now, the affiliate program has definitely received a lot of bad publicity. But then there will always be dissatisfied customers to all products and programs. The fact is that people expected this kind of program to be a get rich quick scheme and that too without having to do any work. No one makes money while they sleep. Usually a Direct Sale requires members to work hard for the first few months. A lot of work is needed. That is why some programs have a full fledged back office working 24 by 7 to help affiliates reach out to prospective customers and help them close sales too. There will be a time when profits will seem to flow automatically.

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