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Usana Health Science MLM Review

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You came across this article about this Usana Review. Therefore, you are considering in enrolling as a distributor. So, I highly recommend that you go over this written content before spending your hard earned money. Nonetheless, I am going to go through everything about this company, if it is really a legitimate business opportunity or just one of those scams of literally thousands of companies that out there on the internet.

Myron Wentz is the founder, who is an immunologist and microbiologist. Its headquarters is based in West Valley, Utah and got starting in the Network Marketing industry in 1992. The company is in the health and wellness market selling products in nutritional supplements, diet energy drinks and personal care. In addition to Wentz, it is filled with experience in the medical field and qualified leaders in the industry.

It has approximately 1,000 people worldwide that are employed. In addition, it has 176,000 distributors and “preferred customers” in its worldwide distribution center. The company’s net sales in 2009 were 436.9 million of which 89% was being purchased by distributors and 11% by preferred customers.

In 2009, the company claims they promote their products in 14 different countries that includes the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, Korea, Mexico, etc. It was named on the Forbes “200 Best Small Companies” list from 2005 to 2006. There has been an enormous amount of science behind all of the Usana health science in all of their products according to their website.

They promote their products using the MLM advertising model by distributors by recruiting other associates, who are willing to recruit others. You can also be well compensated for your efforts that pay their distributors 6 different ways: retail sales, weekly commissions, matching bonuses, incentive bonuses, elite and leadership bonuses as well.

The products aren’t available in retail stores, rather by a direct order to the company or through one of its independent distributors. You can though still purchase their products from the company’s website through a marketer.

After reading this Usana Review, it is indeed a legitimate business opportunity. In reality, you are not going to start making profit in this industry if you don’t sponsor anyone into the business. So the only way to generate leads for your network marketing company is attracting an unlimited amount of people who will be chasing you about your company, products or services.

Nonetheless, it is necessary to stop learning from your sponsor using these outdated marketing strategies. This is why your struggling and frustrated in trying to build your business. For instance, calling your friends and family in your warm market, buying home based business leads online and giving away company brochures about your multi-level marketing business opportunity. In reality, ninety seven percent of marketers will fail and realize these traditional marketing techniques don’t work for the majority of the people involved to build a massive downline in this industry.

I sincerely hope this Usana Review is helpful to you if you are all ready involved in the Network Marketing industry.

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