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MLM Success With Online Marketing – Watch Out Upline Leaders!

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So what is it a about online marketing and lead generation that really tends to annoy upline leaders in the world of traditional network marketing.

It can be a little puzzling at first especially if they have already done their homework and have seen proof of how powerful online lead generation can be. I mean if you make more money, they make more money, its that simple.

It does not seem to make any sense at all, why do they dislike it?

Well there are some powerful reasons they are just not being honest about.

In plain terms the fear the “Shift” or “evolution” that they know will soon occur.

I refer here to a change of perception in how you perceive you business model once you start learning MLM online marketing.

In particular because of the process of generating affiliate marketing commissions.

Maybe its better referred to simply a shift in belief.

Because of course in traditional MLM marketing we tend to always showcase and focus on the company as the deal to end all deals.

But is that really the case?

Let me tell you what I mean by the shift or evolution.

When someone starts learning the process of MLM online marketing , they soon learn that they never showcase the company, but instead focus or brand themselves.

So there is a major shift in focus away from your primary company.

Now of course the objective is the same which is to sponsor people into your MLM but now you are leading with a online marketing system first and then bring in your company later once you have built some rapport with your prospect.

Next you learn now to generate a cash flow from your lead generation efforts by exposing them to affiliate offers for marketing tools.

So there you are after a month or so generating leads and your business is throwing off a cash flow, and you are now sponsoring more people into your primary MLM than you ever have before.

Now the real shift occurs, as you become more successful you begin to realize that it really not the company that is the golden opportunity but that the power is in your hands, its all in the lead generation.

Now the big change in perception occurs. With multiple income streams now coming into your business, one day the realization just hits you!

You are now very aware that the Network Marketing company you are promoting is actually just one more affiliate income channel out of many and you never see it quite the same ever again.

Realization is a wonderful thing.

You see in the past all the power was vested in the company, we were simply the messenger and our mission was to spread the word.

When you suddenly see that the power is really in your ability to market, and that the MLM company no longer the key factor…

Its like someone turned on the light!

So I guess you can see why upline leaders in MLM sometimes dislike or even hate this online stuff, it totally changes your perception and shatters the illusion of control.

It gets worse, you are no longer a mindless foot soldier, you are now a leader who measures the company by a different yardstick.

Remember the power is always in the marketing.

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